North Dakota 600 Bowling Club is formed for the following objects and purposes:


To unite in the State of North Dakota, a honorary group of all female

bowlers who have qualified for membership by bowling a three (3) game scratch

       series of 600 or more, in leagues and tournaments sanctioned by USBC,

the Canadian Tenpin Federation, and the USBC Collegiate Division.


To conduct an annual tournament for its members in accordance with by-laws 

set by members of the ND 600 Bowling Club, and sanctioned by USBC.


To urge all members to play the game in a clean, sportsmanlike manner,

bringing credit and honor to themselves and to the North Dakota 600 Bowling Club.


To encourage local groups to form clubs and conduct 600 Club

sanctioned tournaments; promote social and charitable activities; bowl for fun,

and in general, carry out the objects and purposes of the

North Dakota 600 Bowling Club on the local level.


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