TOURNAMENT RULES

      1. This tournament will be conducted by the ND 600 Club for it's
         members. The Sec'y~Treas will be the Tournament Director.

      2. This Tournament will be conducted by submitting sactioned
         league scores bowled during the weeks of Feb 17th thru Mar 2,2014.

      3. An entrant must be a current member of USBC.  She must also be a
         current member of the ND 600 Club or may join when her entry is
         submitted. A member who is not current in her dues may include
         her dues payment w/ her entry.

      4. Entrants will use their highest 2012~2013 sanctioned average based
         on a minimum of 21 games. If no previous years average, a 21 game
         average as of Feb 16th, 2014 will be used.  All other entrants will
         bowl scratch.  State book will be official.

      5. This Tournament will be handicapped @ 100% of the difference of 210
         less your average.

      6. An entrant participating in the Senior Div must submit a copy of
         identification showing her age. She may also enter the Regular Div.
         (If you submitted proof in a previous year, it's not necessary to
         submit again)

      7. USBC rules 319a~2(10 pin increase provision), 319c(tournament avg
         adjustment) and 219d(tournament prize winning provision) will not apply
         USBC rule 319a~3(reporting incorrect average) will apply.

      8. An entry may be submitted for each USBC sanctioned league in which the
         participant is bowling.  Photocopies of the entry form and score
         verification form will be accepted.


      9. The Prize Fund will be returned 100% and will be based on @ least one
         cash award for every four entries in each division.

      10. All scores must be bowled in a sanctioned league. An entry WILL be
          declared ineligible if the score verification form is returned without
          a copy of the league recap sheet.

      11. If more than three (3) games are bowled in scheduled league play, the
          first (3) games will be used. Leagues bowling six games (two 3~game
          series) may be entered for either series.

      12. Make your checks or money orders payable to ND 600 Club.

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